Meet The Developer

Meet Candice Hammer, Managing Director of Martello™ and the driving force behind Billilla Residences. Her journey from a background in Digital Sales and Marketing to property investment and development was a natural evolution, given her early exposure to the world of construction.

Candice’s ambition lies in establishing herself as a premier boutique residential developer across Melbourne’s Bayside and East, with an unwavering focus on luxury and high-end finishes. Drawing on her expertise in site selection, comprehensive feasibility assessments, and collaborative teamwork, Candice has already woven a tapestry of architecturally remarkable yet wonderfully liveable homes, with 10 projects presently underway or already completed.

Before her venture into development, Candice honed her skills at, where she crafted bespoke digital marketing strategies. Alongside her professional pursuits, she seamlessly navigates her roles as a devoted wife and mother to three children, exemplifying her mastery of multitasking.